Monday, October 27, 2008

Stupid @$#Q$% Nisse*

This is what I spent all afternoon and evening making yesterday for a charity craft bazaar. Now usually I'm pretty crafty, but this was just unreal. The one if front is the original I borrowed from a friend. The 22 little @#*$% in back are mine. I painted the red ball bottoms last weekend. Then I hot glued the natural colored balls on for their heads, but since I couldn't find flat-bottomed beads for the heads, I had to cover the hot glue somehow. First I glued little green scarves on all of them but the glue got everywhere and I just hoped it would dry clear. It didn't. So had to pull off all the scarves, throw them away, peel off the glue and come up with another plan. So instead I put the faces on them with permanent markers. Check out the crabby one in the back right of the photo. He's the only one with eyebrows and he is my favorite. Then I had to cut little tubes of knitted fabric from Denmark and sew one end shut to make 22 little hats. Then I hot glued the hats to their heads, and my fingers and they were flying across the room every time I burned myself and my reflexes sent them airborne. You should have seen the dog when a nisse landed right at her paws. Then I had to glue beards on them to cover the stupid hot glue on their necks. On the sample the beard is glued under the hat, but I couldn't seem to manage that little detail in the correct order. They all looked like they were wearing fur evening shawls so I had to trim all their beards with little scissors. My den was covered in yarn bits from the tiny hats, hot glue spider webs, my fingers and nails were covered with hot glue and after all those hours I only have 22 1-3/4" high nisse*. So I am selling these for $300 each. I hope this gives you a laugh. I just though I would share my adventure with everyone. Today I am not so bitter. A nisse is a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore. Nisse were believed to care for a farmer's home and children and protect them from misfortune, especially at night, when everyone was sleeping. 

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